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Had expensive (4,300.00) custom cabinets made for main bath approximately 7 years ago. The white paint yellowed horribly and NOTHING would clean them.

Plus originally, they did not make the top bridge correctly. I took pictures and went there and they told me the yellowing was caused from the recessed lighting in the bridge and they would do nothing about it, as their work is only warranted for one year.

I recently had Cabinet Clinic reface it with laminate to the tune of 2,600. I do not recommend Ros's Cabinets!!!!

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Ross Cabinets in Shelby Charter Township, Michigan - 5 months after a 50% deposit and no cabinets yet.

Not resolved

Ros's cabinets (

It all started when i ordered cabinets for my kitchen renovation, I put 50% down on the cabinets to start the work and the second half was to be payed upon delivery of the cabinets. After about 4 months my cabinets where ready for delivery, ros's cabinets scheduled a delivery date with me so i took the day off of work to meet them, they never showed up. Second delivery date was scheduled for 10:00am, so i took the day off work so i could meet them and they didn't show up until after 5 in the afternoon, the drivers where very rushed and rude and just stacked my finished cabinets on top of each other in the truck, resulting in very damaged cabinets, they had no blankets covering my cabinets and nothing tied down and they refused to open the truck until i supplied a check for the final amount. After they brought the cabinets in the house i started noticing all the damage done to them, and I also started to notice misplaced drill holes for the hinges that where unfixed and peeling veneer and nails popping through the veneer. After seeing all of the damage and after being treated the way I was by the employees I no longer trusted this company and didn't feel comfortable allowing them to cash my check for final amount until the job was completed, so I put a stop pay on the check at the bank. After putting a stop pay on the check the day after delivery I contacted ros's cabinets, they scheduled their driver to pick up the cabinets so i missed another day of work and they showed up 6 hours late, now after arguing on the phone with them for several days they are demanding more money from me and hanging up on me, they picked up the damaged cabinets 4 weeks ago and still haven't repaired them, I created a site so people could see the poor quality

I still don't have my cabinets by the way and it's been 5 months.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

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I had a similar situation with this company, my stand alone kitchen island was suppose to be finished on both ends and the cabinets arrived unfinished mdf board on the ends of the island, after several attempts at trying to talk to the owners girlfriend who is in charge I finally just went to lowes and got some thin plywood and cut the ends myself and stained them the best I could to match, overall the quality is fair at best but their poor customer service makes them stand out from the crowd.

Rochester Hills, Michigan, United States #795343
This review is spot on, they got my deposit money and made me wait so long I had no choice but to just accept the cabinets and deal with the low quality, they know your kitchen is tore apart and they take advantage of that. My cabinets have been in for about 2 years and they are falling apart, they are only stapled together with very low quality materials.

They claim a 5 year warranty but good luck trying to get them to help you, very rude and arrogant owners. For the price, I feel like I've been had.

Home depot or lowes is 100% better quality!! :(

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